The Kettle Corn of Husker Fan Podcasts

Best Podcast!!

I am 100% biased, as the hosts are my Dad and baby Brother. BUT, Best podcast out there! 😉

This podcast makes me feel connected to them. Being a Military Spouse I am over 1400 miles away from them. Most Saturday’s were spent at my Grandparents house watching the games. I don’t get to be apart of that anymore and it’s rough. The following days would include My dad and Brother talking about the game. I get to still feel apart of their conversations even tho I’m all the way over on the East Coast. The “break room talk” as they call it was just normal in my family. If Dad or Scott could get someone to talk Husker Football they would talk for hours discussing it all! This podcast gives me nostalgia to that time and again I feel connected to them through it.

I love football. I don’t understand it all but have a pretty dang good grasp on it for being a Girly Hippie. I enjoy watching football on Saturday’s and the environment of it all. This podcast has given me an even bigger desire to watch games and I enjoy them breaking down the games ( NE and other games)

Keep up the great work y’all!
Love your Favorite Daughter and Sister!

Oct. 12, 2021 by amecone on Apple Podcasts

The Kettle Corn of Husker Fan Podcasts