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Go Big Red

You know why I love this podcast? When I listen to Ken and Scott I feel like I’m sitting with them out by a grill drinking a beer and talking football. It’s laid back and funny. Easy to listen to. After every episode I get a little sad because I want more. You can tell this team runs deep in their blood. They talk with such passion it gets me fired up for Nebraska football…and I’m not even from Nebraska!

I enjoy hearing the memories, I agree with the opinions, and I like the fact they bring up happenings around the league. I feel like I truly gain something from listening to this podcast. Even if it’s just my imaginary friendship with the hosts and us sitting by the imaginary grill hanging out, talkin football.

Much love to the both of you.

Aug. 12, 2021 by heybromikey on Apple Podcasts

The Kettle Corn of Husker Fan Podcasts