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Who is Generation Red?


Ken Mecone (pictured right) is a retired over-the-road truck driver, who lives in Lincoln and spends most of his time with his wife Wanda, transporting RVs from manufacturers In Indiana, to dealers across the country. He was born and raised in Arizona, and became a Husker fan for life during the 1984 Orange Bowl, when Coach Tom Osborne elected to go for two to win the game, rather than kick the extra point and hope that the voters would give them a National Championship. He met his wife in 1988 after she moved to Arizona from central Nebraska, and being a Husker fan already certainly gave him an advantage in winning her heart. They were married 11 months later, and then moved to The Good Life in 1990, and haven't looked back. Six grown children, and 2 grand children later, there is no doubt in his mind that there is no place like Nebraska!

Scott Mecone (left) is a former Marine, and Ken's oldest son. Born and raised in Nebraska, his lifetime has included the 3 National Championship years in the 1990's, although he's only old enough to barely remember the title in 1997. He became acutely interested in Husker football around the Callahan Era, and has suffered through what can only be described as the most painful 20 years in Husker history, except for the seasons under the tutelage of Coach Bo Pelini. He also resides in Lincoln with his wife Kelsey and their two cute and rambunctious dogs, Oreo and Tom, and works in property management.